The original taste of breakfast in the chilly climate of Da Lat

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Oct 21, 2015

Curling up beside the stove waiting for the rice cakes, going to the Ánh Sáng (Light) hamlet to enjoy a bowl of Bun Bo… That’s how people from Da Lat start a new day.

In a place with cold climate like Da Lat, the fresh-off-the-grill golden rice cakes are one of the most perfect choices for breakfast. This oil-free dish, which was cooked in the traditional terracotta pans, will help you enjoy the original taste of the rice with crunchy light burn on the side.

You can the grilled rice cakes with seasoning sauce or fish sauce with hot spring onion oil. This wonderful combination will deepen the taste of the cakes. In the early chilly air, people from Da Lat love to gather around the stove to warm themselves, and waiting for the cakes to be served for their breakfast. That’s how they start another new day.

Along the small road of the Ánh Sáng hamlet, people are waiting for their bowl of Bun Bo to be ready to have a warm start of the day. Bun Bo in Da Lat style usually avoids using too much of cows’ bones and lemongrass, which have strong flavor for the soup, but has a distinctly purer taste that makes a perfect combination with the pig hocks inside.

You can add a few drops of fresh lemonade or chili fish sauce upon your taste, some finely diced fresh herbs to deepen the taste of your bowl of Bun Bo.

A little less fancy than other hot dish for breakfast in Dat Lat, bread with shumai is a lighter breakfast with its own distinctive taste. A full course only includes the shuimai in a small bowl of warm soup and crunchy freshly grilled breads to eat with, but the chilly weather of Da Lat makes the whole dish more addictive than ever. 

Most people in Da Lat love to have warm meals. So the owners of the restaurants in here always have a hot charcoal stove to make the breads warm and crunchy before serving them to the customers.

And we can’t call it a wonderful morning without the finishing touch of a warm cup of coffee. In a small coffee shop somewhere, people are gather around to tell others their stories or playing some small games of chess to forget about the cold outside.

With a warm highland coffee cup in your hands, you can join in with the crowd, or just chilling and enjoy the sweet melody of an old song to fully enjoy a peaceful morning in Da Lat.


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Vietnam Visa Team (Vietnam-Immigration.Net)