Vietnam Visa News

  • Leaving procedure by air

    Intently arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before taking departure, in order to complete the leaving procedure.

    Follow the process at baggage check in counter, which suggested for you through airport information board and receive boarding card.

    At the leaving counter desk, show your passport, Vietnam visa and boarding card to the check-in clerk in order for controlling and stamping confirmation.

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  • Entry requirements for UK citizens

    For Vietnam Visa:

    It’s officially announced from 1st July 2015 that British passport holders (both in terms of tourism and business purposes) are now available to enter Vietnam up to 15 days without visa’s requirements. Upon business travelling purpose, customers need to contact a relevant Vietnamese department in order to allocate necessary procedures or licenses.

    By the way, Vietnam visa is strictly required if travellers wish to stay in Vietnam for a period of 15 days or more, also applied for those who re-enter Vietnam within 30 days of departure. Therefore, please carefully make sure to grasp the suitable Vietnam visa in right travelling purpose.

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  • Where can I receive my Vietnam visa at the airport?

    Primarily when you have your approval letter and necessary documents in need, Vietnam visa can easily be taken in Visa Counter Desk at International Airports.

    Due to amount of applicants who simultaneously come to receive Vietnam visa, you might be queue in a waiting line. Normally it takes you 15 to 30 minutes to get your Vietnam visa.Thus to complete this process smoothly, just make sure you’ve carefully prepare all required documents.

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  • Sharp reduction in Vietnam Visa fees, travelling hassles eliminated ?

    An officially announcement proclaimed that from 23th November, Vietnam’s visa stamping fee will delightedly slashed by 40%. This amendment might ascend a massive motivation in foreign arrivals at the year-end period.

    By inference, stamping fee provided for one month single entry visa will significantly plunged from $45 down to 25%. Similarly, with multiple entry visa in three months validity, its stamping fee will sharply fall from current $95 down to $50.

    Longer terms visa, simultaneously, will has its range-pool of stamping fee from $95 to $155 (validity up to five years).

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  • To Avoid Any Problem When Get Vietnam Visa Stamp At The Airport

    Getting Vietnam visa on arrival means you will receive the visa stamp and visa sticker upon arrival at Vietnam Airport with the approval letter which is granted by Vietnam Immigration Department.

    Our service will help you process the approval letter within 2 working days (normal service), then you print it out and prepare some documents to get the visa stamp at the airport for entering Vietnam normally. That’s all procedure (No need to go to the Embassy in your living country, No need to send us any documents).

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  • Regulative portraits requirement for Vietnam visa on arrival

    Your self- portraits for Vietnam visa are imperatively required to show up at Vietnamese International Airport, therefore, it’s not obligated in the online application process. Primarily, format of the portraits mentioned have to meet specific standards of the international concensus. Portrait will conversely declined unless following this format given, which may cause delay in your application process.

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  • Amendment to Vietnam Visa Stamping fee

    Vietnam Immigration Department has officially proclaimed a colossal change in Vietnam visa stamping fee, exclusively Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnamese International Airport. Follow that, since 1st January 2013, the charge of one month – single entry and three months – single entry visa stays at $45, while one month – multiple entries visa (from 30 days) and three months – multiple entries visa cost $95.

    By the way, please be carefully informed that the charge of one month-multiple entries visa may vary according to your staying duration.

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  • Regulation of providing Vietnam Visa for Foreign Children

    Children – follow Vietnam Immigrating Obligation – must less than 14 years old. By inference, there is a convention proclaimed in term of providing Vietnam visa for foreign children:

    Vietnam visa is individually provided, albeit exclusively, for children who have to stick with parents or their tutor’s passport.

    Primarily, Vietnam visa could be supplied in 2 ways: affixed into passport or defined as “loose-leaf visa”. Accordingly, loose –leaf visa might be provided follow these instances.

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  • 19 countries can enjoy free Vietnam visa at the end of this year

    The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) apparently proposes providing Vietnam visa waivers for more countries. Therefore, foreign arrivals in the last three months of the year are highly expected to a new surge.

    Mr.Nguyen Van Tuan – known as agency director, express his view in a recent report on the government website that there lie in "signs of recovery" for tourism sector.

    Fluctuation in tourist traffics for July, August and September were all higher than the corresponding months last year, ending 13 months of declines, including a drastically plunge on  23.4 percent in March.

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  • Rudimentary introduction about Vietnam Visa

    Primarily, if you are a foreign traveller who plan to visit Vietnam, getting Vietnam visa is the most imperative thing you should consider.

    Upon Vietnam visa, you gain a permission to enter or leave Vietnam at Vietnamese International Airports which located at Ho chi Minh city, Hanoi capital, Da Nang city, Cam Ranh - Nha Trang.

    For those who obligated to have Vietnam visa on arrival to Vietnam, need to pick it up before taking departure. Regurlarly, there are two decent ways to get visa: offer for a permissible form (or approval letter on arrival) through an travel agency such as Vietnam-Immigration.Net, therefore receive a confirmation stamp affixed into passport at Vietnamese International Airport (that’s why we call it “Vietnam visa on arrival”). In the other way, travellers could send requests to Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in their own country in order to comprehensively receive a visa (with stamp affixed).

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