Feel The Vietnam Visa On Arrival Services

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Sep 11, 2015

Vietnam government has created conditions for tourists and businessmen to Vietnam with ease by allowing visa on arrival use since 2003.

As a US businessman active in the insurance sector I frequently travel to many parts of the world so I have to do a visa to these countries. Due to the need to expand the company in Vietnam I used to fly to Vietnam to meet with partners and customers. Each time before the trip, I had to come to Vietnam embassies in the US to apply for a visa is time consuming.

Although no trouble at the embassy but the travel takes too much time and effort, so I went online to find out what services can provide visas on arrival or not. It was unexpected by the government of Vietnam has created an opportunity for tourists and businessmen to Vietnam with ease by allowing visa on arrival use since 2003.

Many Americans like me and other foreigners are still concerned about safety and how to get visa on arrival in Vietnam, so today I want to share with you on how to do well as the advantages and disadvantages FDC to make and use Vietnam visa on arrival

Just 3 steps to get visas

First, you need to find a reputable company in Vietnam visa service on arrival and then fill their visas available and make the payment. You can choose many different payment methods like pay via credit card, bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram.

After receiving the information, your visa, the company will proceed to verify the information and submit the necessary documents to the Immigration Department of Vietnam to ask for your approval letter. Hours usually 1-3 days so you do not have to wait long. In case you want to get faster, you can use the emergency services to get visas within 24 hours

Letter of Acceptance will be emailed to you, you just need to print out and use it to board the plane to Vietnam. At the international airport in Vietnam, you will provide a letter of approval for the Department of Immigration and paid stamp can then Vietnam enter legally.

You see it was so easy to make Vietnam visa on arrival! By the way I also want to share with you some experience for fast visa stamped at Vietnam international border.

In addition to consent, you should print and fill in application for leave Vietnam before going to save time at the airport. (You can apply for this form from the visa company)

Prepare 2 4 * 6 cm photo with white background

Prepare stamping fee at the gate, you should prepare cash (US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Vietnam Dong), dare stamp fee is applicable to all nationalities, $45/1 June or January 3 times, $65/1 month or 3 months several times, $95 / person for this type many times in full 3 months, etc.

The most important thing when making visa you must provide complete information and accurate as on false passports because if you have to re-visa from the beginning (I once I accidentally provided the wrong information but luckily Companies are doing their visa free rework for me).

After receiving the approval letter you should also check the information are correct view, if something goes wrong should contact the visa company to correct immediately.

Those are the aspects and advantages of the service, but the service still have the following problems:

  • Customers are vulnerable to fraud because some organizations do not reputable visa (I have encountered this problem).
  • Never trust created for the first time customers use this service because the customer does not find the site of Vietnam government licensing and visa on arrival agreed to.
  • Customs staff at the airport difficult for tourists like us, to complete entry procedures it takes me 30 minutes to 1 hour. (As I know, the company I used to work with service providers visa welcome at the airport to help customers make quick entry procedure)

According to the experience of my Vietnam visa, you should choose a reputable company and tourist activities in this area many years. If you do not have a reliable address for the website is a place you www.vietnam-immigration.net can trust. This is the first company and now I choose to do if they go to Vietnam visa.

I also recommend and share with so many friends, relatives and their partners when they need to do to Vietnam and visas. Hope you have the necessary information to make Vietnam visa and will have interesting experiences in Vietnam beautiful country!