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    Ky Co is located about 25km from Quy Nhon city, Ky Co commune ,Nhon Ly island. This place has not been put into operation in tourism where is still wild. In order to get the boat, visitors have to get on the basket or a homemade ferry. The fisherman will wallow in water and  drag it.

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    When the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass" is shown, most viewers have a question: “Where is the good view of contryside?” . Please visit Phu Yen and you will find answer.

    The context of the film is the 80s of last century, the country was in stage subsidy regime. Finding  the scene of more than 30 years ago in a developing country is not easy.

    Victor Vu director is strict when choosing scenes. A utility pole in the field, a traffic signs appeared on the road, a random tile roof "float" between slums ... represents a life today, despite the context which is pretty much around them also excluded. So it will make the story more emotional.

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    A small photo exhibition only 12 pieces. However, it is attract more attention because of the incredible moments of Sword Lake.

    Hoan Kiem Lake is regarded a "bouquet middle of the city" - one of 12 photographs of the exhibition "Colors of the Sword Lake" is taking place at the Cultural Center Information Sword Lake (No.2, Le Thai To). The picture with wide angle have a panoramic view of Sword Lake such as the red of flamboyant flower and purple of giant Crape-myrtle flowers in the sunny day in May.

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    One of the attractive features in Moc Chau when the autumn arrives, you will see the white color of Flower reform, which stretch across the space. It create a fairy scene.
    Ha Noi
    You won’t be wrong if you say that Ha Noi get the best beautiful scene in the autumn. Wind blows through the space to bring the change to Ha Noi where like wearing a new coat plates. Still noisy, bustling but it have something which is gentle and poetic. It weaving on every street corner, every street vendors, each Ao dai. Time is so slower, the footsteps on the street also lighter. The people seem to want to feel all soothing feature of Hanoi’ autumn.

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  • Peaceful Beauty of Hoi An Ancient Town

    Hoi An is a beautiful city on Vietnam’s central coast, the architecture of the ancient town, with Chinese, French and Vietnamese influences, makes the city interesting and very pretty.
    Here are 16 peaceful pictures that will make you want to visit Hoi An right now.

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  • Green Tea Hills In Moc Chau Plateau

    When people speak about Moc Chau plateau, they often think about green tea hills, an endless inspiration for photographers and tourists.

    The whole town of Moc Chau, Son La province, is surrounded by the green tea hills. This is the main crop of the town with famous tea products.

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  • Peaceful And Quiet Hanoi At Night

    No tnoisy and boisterous, Hanoi at night is a peaceful and quiet picture which is painted by the watery lights shining road after rain, the house sleep in the dark and people hard work for livelihood.

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  • Vietnam In The Album “FOLLOW ME” Of Foreign Visitors

    Inspired by the album “Follow Me” of a Russian couple, the similar album of two Canadian tourists who are Christian LeBlanc and Laura Reid were taken in many Asian countries, including Vietnam.

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  • The paradise of backpackers in Ly Son Island

    Ly Son Island, previously know as Cù Lao Ré, is a district in Quang Ngai Province, of the South Central Coast of Vietnam.

    This place is like heaven on a blue ocean for backpackers with its crystal clear full of reef wildlife, white sandy beaches, plush green garlic fields,..Ly Son Island never fail to impress foreign tourists.

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  • Vietnam through the lens of tourist on American news

    Through the photos the tourists took and got posted on the Instagram account of Huffingtonpost, Vietnam shows up as an ordinary yet colorful touch in the world map.

    “Through your lens” is a photographic project of Huffingtonpost. Starting with opening up an account on Instagram under the name of “Worldpost”, this American news wants their readers to share the photos they took while traveling the world. All the photos are gathered upon destinations to show to the audiences every week. Recently they chose Vietnam, and above is the photo of  Sửng Sốt (astonishing) cave in Hạ Long.

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