What Mistakes Do You Meet When Applying Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Sep 11, 2015

When you are going to visit Vietnam and would like to get Visa On Arrival, you can take mistakes as below. To help you avoid the same things, we have listed here a few mistakes:

1. Applying Visa On Arrival to enter Vietnam by the border crossing or the cruise ship:

We are pleased to inform that you just get Visa On Arrival when you enter Vietnam by air only. If you arrive Vietnam by the border crossing or the cruise ship,…Please contact to the Vietnam Embassy in your living country to get it and make sure that you have the visa before your trip.

2. Getting Visa On Arrival without applying online:

Many people believe that they can get Vietnam Visa directly at Vietnam International Airports without needing to apply online. That is wrong, you can not board the plane if you don’t have the approval letter in hand. That’s why you have to apply online on our website in advance, the approval letter will be sent to you within 2 working days (normal service). Then you use this letter for boarding the plane and getting the visa stamp at the airport.

3. Typing wrong information when fill out the application form:

Many visitors fill out the visa form with wrong information as: full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number,… Normally, they think it is not important but in some cases, their approval letter can be refused by the airline at the departure airport. So, please make sure that you entered everything correctly and carefully.

4. Arrival date is the date which entering Vietnam:

Many travelers think that the visa will be valid from the date which they enter Vietnam, not from the date which they provide on the application form. It is not correct, the visa validity will commence from the arrival date on the approval letter which you provide for us in advance.

5. It is so easy to extend Vietnam Visa

Many people think that it is so easy to extend the visa when staying in Vietnam. However, extending visa can be a costly and time consuming process. So, we recommend you should apply visa for 3 months in advance instead of 1 month one to save your money and your time.


Have a nice day!

Vietnam Visa Team (Vietnam-Immigration.Net)