Regulation of providing Vietnam Visa for Foreign Children

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Oct 11, 2015

Children – follow Vietnam Immigrating Obligation – must less than 14 years old. By inference, there is a convention proclaimed in term of providing Vietnam visa for foreign children:

Vietnam visa is individually provided, albeit exclusively, for children who have to stick with parents or their tutor’s passport.

>> Rudimentary introduction about Vietnam Visa
>> The procedure of applying for visas or extending visas for children with one of their parents is Vietnamese

Regulation of providing Vietnam visa for foreign children

Primarily, Vietnam visa could be supplied in 2 ways: affixed into passport or defined as “loose-leaf visa”. Accordingly, loose-leaf visa might be provided follow these instances below:

  • Passport is devoid of visa confirmation pages.
  • Passport belongs to a country which has no diplomatic relation to Vietnam.
  • Documents related to International connection.
  • Based on intimate tasks or approved security purposes.

In consequence, foreign children could also make their own Vietnam visa (if they have their own passports) or else have to stick with their parents or tutor’s visa (If they don’t).

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