How To Get Fast Track Service at Vietnam Airport?

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Sep 11, 2015

Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival is the best choice for those who wish to travel to Vietnam because the visa procedure is very simple, fastest and reliable. However, in order to save the time at Vietnam Airport, we recommend customer to use Fast Track Service, our staff will meet and help them get the visa stamp without needing to get line.

Those who should use Fast Track service?

We highly suggest the following groups to apply fast track service:

-              Those who enters Vietnam for the first time

-              Those who enters Vietnam with their children

-              Those who needs to speed up stamping process at Vietnam Airport

-              Those who travels in a big group

-              Pregnant women

-              The disabled

-              …………………..

You can choose fast track service when apply visa or apply for this service directly at: . After that, please send us your flight number and arrival time exactly. We will arrange our staff who meet you at the airport with your name on the welcome board, please give our staff your approval letter, entry & exit form, passport, 2 photos and stamping fee. They can carry out the entry procedure for you, then you take your passport back with Vietnam visa stamped from them.

Please note that if your flight changed, please notify us 48 hours before your landing (except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays).

Have a nice day!
Vietnam Visa Team (Vietnam-Immigration.Net)