To Prevent The Problem With The Vietnam Visa Stamp

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Sep 11, 2015

When you use Vietnam visa on arrival service, you will receiving the approval letter via email and use it for boarding the plane and get the visa stamp at Vietnam Airport upon arrival. Firstly, please go to the Visa Landing Office to obtain the visa sticker on your passport. After that, you will come to the Customs Counter to check-in and receive the blue stamp.

In order to prevent any problem, we recommend you should check information carefully after the officer returns your passport:

The entry stamp: this stamp will show the date you entered Vietnam.

Permitted numbers of days you are allowed to stay in Vietnam: the stamp says that you are permitted to stay until…day….month…year. (It means you can stay in Vietnam for number of days which is said in the stamp and must exit Vietnam before the end-day, If not you have to extend your visa to stay in Vietnam longer).

Your personal information: Please check exact personal information as: full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number,…before you leave the custom counter at the airport.

Please note that when you exit Vietnam, an Exit stamp will be issued into your passport next to the Entry stamp.

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Vietnam Visa Team (Vietnam-Immigration.Net)