The difference between Vietnam Visa On Arrival and Vietnam Visa at Embassy

Posted by Vietnam-Immigration.Net on Sep 14, 2015

In order to understand more than about this topic, you need to know: “What is Vietnam visa on arrival?”, “What is Vietnam visa at Embassy?

-   Vietnam visa on arrival means you will receive the Vietnam visa stamp when arriving at Vietnam airport with the approval letter which is granted by Vietnam Immigration Department.

-   Vietnam visa at Embassy is the visa which you have to go to Vietnam Embassy in your living country to get.

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The difference between Vietnam Visa On Arrival and Vietnam Visa at Embassy

Here is a example to help you understand clearly about the difference between Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam visa at Embassy:

For sumer holiday Peter and Jenny intend to visit Vietnam. They search in internet to find out “How to apply Vietnam visa?

Peter thinks that Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consular is safer for his visa to Vietnam. He asks a website of the Vietnam Embassy, he downloads and fills in the official information in Vietnam application form attact his passport, two photos and the other informations which Embassy requests.

Meantime Jenny chooses Vietnam visa on arrival service because it is faster and easier than applying in Vietnam Embassy. She goes Vietnam-Immigration.Net to find out the application online. In 4 simple steps, she finishes her application and takes a payment online quickly. Now, Jenny just waits for her visa approval letter.

Peter searches the address of Vietnam Embassy and he drives there to apply his visa. Traffic jam and hot weather make him feel tired and he worrys about late. Contrary to apply visa online, the Vietnam Embassy only opens in 8 working hours. After driving to Vietnam Embassy, he continues to wait in long line for his turn. Some applications approve visa but somebody are declined because there is trouble.

Mean while Jenny has more free time to go shopping, watch TV and play a game with her son. She gets Vietnam visa approval letter via her email only on 2 days. Now she can obtain a full Vietnam visa upon arrival at the airport.

Whereas, Peter is spending long day, he worries and waits with his desperation. Then he decides to apply Vietnam visa online via Vietnam-Immigration.Net. The apprvoal letter come soon than he thinks.

Both Peter and Jenny fought that Vietnam visa on arrival is safer, easier and saves your time: hassle free, faster, convenient, cheaper, safer, more accessible. If your visa is declined, all fees will be returned.

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